In this modern era of extreme digitalization, Internet of Things, Blockchains, Artificial Intelligence and other disruptive technologies, terms like Performance Optimization and Energy Efficiency are more important than ever as many companies invest in optimizing their software to make the most out of their hardware. With many years of experience in field, we are specialized in providing SIMD and Software Optimization Services to customers with high demands in Performance. 

We have extensive experience in SIMD optimizations in these architectures:

  • Intel/AMD: SSE/AVX/AVX2/AVX512
  • ARM: NEON/Advanced SIMD
  • IBM Power: AltiVec/VMX/VSX
  • IBM S/390: ZVector

However, we can also offer services for other architectures such as MIPS SIMD Architecture (MSA) and RISC-V Vector Extensions.

If your project demands a boost in Software Performance, don’t hesitate to contact us!